Boomerangs Important, the new book by John Flynn

74.00 €
  • Boomerangs Important, the new book by John Flynn

Boomerangs Important, the new book by John Flynn

74.00 €

Always an exceptional news in our community, here's a sneak preview of the latest book by the famous American boomerang thrower John Flynn, with the honour list that you know (4-time world champion with the American team and holder of 13 world records).

It's a collection of high-resolution photos of boomerangs that influenced (and continue to influence) the direction of boomerangs over the last 100 or so years. 256 pages, hard cover w/dust jacket, produced by a well-known publishing house in Vermont who typically specialize in high-quality equestrian books (but our visions were well-aligned and they found this side project very enjoyable!).
Each has an accompanying essay to explain its selection, along with supporting images, many of which have never been published. Many boomerangs will be familiar, but perhaps not in the level of detail one might typically expect. Some will be seen for the first time.
The project has been active in its present form for about 12 years but, as a concept, probably twice as long. Many emails, other correspondences and interviews contributed, and I'm truly grateful for the help from the boomerang community.

Available from July 20

first rule

For a correct use of this object, choose a large grassy or sandy area, clear of trees, building and people. Throw in the middle of this area with twice the area of the boomerang's range (Park or soccer field, football field).

second rule

Do not throw in winds stronger than 5 miles per hour ( 10 km per hour) until you learn how to control your boomerang in light breezes.

third rule

The boomerang does not need any particular care. It can be used even during wet conditions, also this material floats over the surface of the water.