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Handpainted boomerang collection

Catalogue de la collection peinte à la main (Français)


Wallaby Boomerangs Terms and Conditions

- There is never a minimum order quantity, so you can order whatever you like at any time.
- My entire range of boomerangs is available at any time, even in winter for the Christmas season.
- Each boomerang always comes with packaging and throwing instructions in English, Spanich and French and Japanese.
- Shipments will be invoiced to the customer and will always (unless otherwise specified by the customer) be dispatched from my workshop located in the Montreal, Canada.

- I have EAN codes for integration and tracking of each of my models.

- Payment must be made by paypal only
- If you use an online store or social networks, I can send you the high-resolution photos of each model corresponding to your purchase.

If you need any further information, don't hesitate to contact me at any time.

A very nice day