We always want to believe that boomerang was a weapon designed for hunting. Aboriginal peoples used it to lure prey. A boomerang was thrown above a flock of birds to simulate a hawk. The birds would fly low to avoid this threat, coming within range of hunter's clubs or tangling themselves in nets stretched across their path. Boomerangs never hit anything and this is the reason why Australians were inspired to create the first rule of the sport: the accuracy event, a perfect throw with return to the point of origin. Before the boomerang was the killing-stick (about 300 grams, no aerodynamic profile, and non-returning, even if the target was missed) which was thrown horizontally and could stun an animal within close range. Both objects are often mixed up, and apart from the fact they both originate from Australia, Europe, or Egypt ( a collection of boomerangs was founded in the tomb of king Toutankhamon), they have nothing in common.The oldest hunting club was discovered in 1987 in Poland at Oblazowa, it is dated 23 000 years and is carved from a mammoth tusk.

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