Making your own boomerang has never been so easy.

This unique art project in Europe has been designed specifically to offer the opportunity for counselors and Art teachers to initiate people about the basics of handcrafting.

It promotes an introduction for outdoor physical and creative manual activities with a pleasurable eco-friendly raw material. Already recognized worldwide for his collection of handcrafted wooden recreational boomerangs, Stéphane designed this eco-friendly educative boomerang made of Bioplastic or recycled cardboard to promotes an environmentally friendly attitude and thus contributes to the preservation of our planet, as we are continually searching for more ecological manufacturing and production processes. Despite the many myths and legends that are still running about the boomerangs, we don’t use anymore traditionals models that were very complicated to make and to throw. You will see by yourself that it is not necessary to be an expert for learning the legendary oldest skill game on earth.