Visit the world’s only gift store dedicated to the origins of the boomerang history that goes back more than 15000 years, learn about the evolution of the sport and the champions. Located right in the heart of the charming city of Hyeres, located one hour east from Marseille, on the French Riviera. Wallaby Boomerangs has been producing custom made wooden boomerang since 30 years. Admire the unique boomerang collection, old models and new ones, and take the unique opportunity to meet and exchange with Worldclass thrower Stephane Marguerite. He is proud to be keeper of time-honoured practices while at the same time offering innovative and contemporary designs. Stephane who carry on the tradition invites you to visit his workshop and experience the history of craftmanship involved in boomerang making. At the Gift shop, it’s possible to purchase all kind of boomerangs for beginners and experience throwers.