Stephane has been producing custom made wooden boomerangs more than 30 years and is one of the major manufacturers in the boomerang scene. The promotion of boomerang as a sportive activity is the principal purpose of this quality focusing company based in the city of Montréal since 1993 and since 2005, another workshop Located in south of France. He is proud to be keeper of time-honoured practices while at the same time offering innovative and contemporary designs. Stephane combines timeless contemporary design with a thougthful ethical way of working. It works in order to produces a range of beautiful handmade recreational boomerangs derived from their material of choice, wood. By taking traditional craft methods to a contemporary level, Stephane savoir-faire in working with this living material. He is therefore constantly upgrading his production processes and ascertaining, evaluating and minimizing the use of raw materials, emissions and waste volumes on an ongoing basis.
Stephane is committed to contributing to the preservation of the environment, continually searching for and educating on more ecological manufacturing and production processes. Stephane who carry on the tradition invites you to visit his website and experience the history of craftmanship involved in boomerang making with care of the environment in mind.Thank you for your trust and support of Wallaby Boomerangs, by doing this you are encouraging the know-how of a local craftman.