Discover the oldest game of skill in human history. Read the trajectory of a flying object, feel the wind, learn about the culture of the first peoples who invented this ancestral game.
You will be able to develop all these aspects before and during the learning of throwing. Have a reasonably sized grass field (e.g. football field, athletic field, park, beach).
Read the explanations of the throwing technique in the small booklet attached to the kits, place your group in single file in the middle of the playing area, so that each player throws in turn. This way, only one boomerang at a time will be in the air.

The practice of boomerang is no more dangerous than any other!

The total ignorance and of course the myths and clichés as well as its image associated with a weapon or other sharp object in the media and in the cinema has of course nothing to do with the reality of this 10000 year old game!
This is a far cry from the extreme sports that sometimes make the headlines in the newspapers.
The goal of the game being to catch up with your boomerang, you really don't need gloves and a helmet like in Hockey! If you already practice Frisbee, it's its closest cousin, so to speak.

l'atelier d'initiation au boomerang