Greek Lagobolon throwing stick

50.00 €
  • Greek Lagobolon throwing stick

Greek Lagobolon throwing stick

50.00 €

The term Lagobolon is composed of two Greek words: lagos, hare, and ballo, I throw. It's a stick used to hunt hares, resembling a short stick with one end curved into a more or less pronounced crook, depending on the model. Several representations below, on a vase or ancient sculptures. The Lagobolon was an instrument used mainly by hunters on foot accompanied by hounds. In the 3rd century B.C., Leonidas of Tarentum mentions a Lagobolon shaped like a straight pole with short-cut branches.

Model 43 cm long, 1.2 cm thickness and a weight of 195 grams, made from solid beech board from the sustainably managed PEFC-certified forests of Franche-Comté.

Protected with organic chia seed oil grown in France.

Distance from 30 to 40 meters

first rule

For a correct use of this object, choose a large grassy or sandy area, clear of trees, building and people. Throw in the middle of this area with twice the area of the boomerang's range (Park or soccer field, football field).

second rule

Do not throw in winds stronger than 5 miles per hour ( 10 km per hour) until you learn how to control your boomerang in light breezes.

third rule

The boomerang does not need any particular care. It can be used even during wet conditions, also this material floats over the surface of the water.